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The Butler takes great pride in providing the very best in online bingo support to his valued customers. From his comprehensive FAQ's, to his super email and live chat helpline, the Butler is always on hand to help you out!

  • Playing Bingo

    At Butlers Bingo, The Butler offers you traditional 90-Ball Bingo and 75-Ball Bingo. He also brings you his fabulous Bingo Chat Games. And if you are waiting for your favourite bingo game to start but fancy that instant win feeling, The Butler has super Slot Games, Scratch Cards and Casino & Mini Games ready for you to play. All of these games are great fun and simple to master!

    The Butler's Tip: Even if you are new to online bingo and you are not exactly sure How to Play Bingo, all our games are fun and friendly, and The Butler will use his dauber to mark off your numbers, so you never have to worry about missing a number. Playing just couldn't be easier!

  • Register & Login

    To become a player at Butlers Bingo you need to create an account. This is very simple and you will be ready to play bingo in a few moments. Click on any of The Butler's 'Join Now' or 'Play Now' buttons and he will take you to the 'registration page' where The Butler will ask for your details.

    Once completed, The Butler will send you a confirmation email and then take you to the Bingo Lobby.

    The Butler's Tip: All your personal information is kept strictly confidential at Butlers Bingo, so always keep your username and password in a safe place.

    You are now ready to play and enjoy the best Online Bingo, brought to you on a Silver Platter by The Butler!

    Step 1 - Log-In
    • Already a Member? Then login using The Butler's quick login area at the top of the page.
    • Are you a New Player? Then The Butler wishes to invite you to Join Now.
    Step 2 - Choose your game

    After you login to play Butlers Bingo you will arrive in the Bingo Lobby, where The Butler will bring you the following:

    • All the available Bingo Rooms, Slot Games, Scratch Cards and Casino Games which you can play,
    • As well as information on your Cash Balance, your Bingo Bonus money (BBz) and your Casino Bonus money.
    • And details of what bingo games are being played at the time, what the prizes/jackpots are, how many Roomies are in the bingo rooms, and when the next game starts.

    The Butler's Tip: There is always a Bingo Room open, and each Bingo Room has its own theme and its own Chat Room, with a dedicated Chat Host providing entertainment 24 hours a day!

    Step 3 - Play your game
    • Simply click the 'Play Now' button to enter your chosen bingo room and The Butler will escort you there, opening a new window for you.
    • You now need to buy tickets, click the 'Buy' button, then you can select your tickets to buy.

    The Butler has more information for you with his step-by-step guide on How to Buy Tickets & How to Pre-Buy Tickets.

    Whether you are a bingo novice or a bingo pro you will find games of all shapes and sizes, and fabulous prizes with Butlers Bingo! From budget bingo games, all the way up to our Progressive Jackpot Games (PJP) with super prizes. So why not login and start playing!

  • Deposit & Withdraw

    The Butler has made it easy to make a cash deposit, just click on the 'Banking' button from the Bingo Lobby or inside any of the Bingo rooms.

    The Butler will take you to the Butlers Bingo bank (in a new window) where you can choose from a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods.

    When you make your very first deposit The Butler will ask you for your account details. This will enable you to make cash deposits and withdrawals, and also allows The Butler to credit your account with your 1st deposit and subsequent deposit bonuses. All your cash winnings will also be credited here.

    The Butler's Tip: All cash deposits and withdrawals are 100% secure and encrypted by a P128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Digital Encryption. So why not login above or open your account now!

  • Buying Tickets

    To play any of The Butler's bingo games, you must buy tickets, and buying tickets could not be easier:

    • From the Bingo Lobby you enter a Bingo Room. Click on the 'Buy' button in the room, select the number of tickets and confirm. The Butler will display your purchased tickets for the game that is about to start.

    The Butler likes to cater for your every need, so he also offers you the ability to buy tickets up to 24 hours in advance for other bingo games:

    • From the Bingo Lobby you enter a Bingo Room, click on the 'Pre-Buy' button, choose your game, select the number of tickets and confirm. And don't worry if for some reason you are not at your computer when these games take place, The Butler will take care of everything for you and you will see all your winnings as soon as you login the next time!

    The Butler has more information for you with his step-by-step guide on how to buy tickets.

  • Schedule

    All The Butler's bingo rooms have set Schedules. Butlers Bingo is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and gives you a luxurious choice of bingo rooms. Just login to your account and enter any bingo room, click on the 'pre-buy' button to view what bingo games and jackpots are coming up.

  • Chat & Bingo Lingo

    Wey hey hey! You have finally gotten through the boring stuff! Your account is all set up, have you made a deposit? Now it is time to sit back, relax, buy some lucky tickets, and enjoy a good giggle in the Chat Room, while you watch the fall of The Butler's Bingo Balls!

    If you have not been to an online Bingo Chat Room before, you will notice that many of the players (or roomies as they are known!) and chat hosts use bingo slang terms, many of which are just like the short cuts people use for text messages.

    The Butler's Tip: Have a go and brush up on your bingo chat phrases & lingo. It might look a bit scary at first but don't worry, you will be using all the bingo lingo terms and short cuts just like a seasoned pro in no time at all!

  • Scratch Cards

    Whilst The Butler loves to bring you "Online Bingo on a Silver Platter", he also knows that sometimes you like more than just a bingo win, sometimes you like an instant win! So Butlers Bingo also brings you a range of Instant Win Scratch Cards. Choose a card, choose your bet and you could win up to 25,000 times your bet!

    So whenever you fancy a quick flutter in between bingo games, or even whilst you are playing a game of bingo, why not select one of Butlers Bingo's many Scratch Card games, and see what The Butler has in store for you!

  • Casino & Mini Games

    Oh, the fun of the Casino! The glitz, the glam, the sheer buzz! After bingo, nothing beats the non stop excitement of playing casino games.

    For that bit of extra excitement, The Butler brings you Online Casino Games. Everything from fruit machines, to video slots, even roulette and mini games are available for you to play and enjoy, whilst you are waiting for the next game of bingo to start, or indeed while you are in your favourite bingo room playing your favourite game of bingo!

  • Chat Guide & Etiquette

    The Butler's Bingo Rooms have been designed for your enjoyment, and as such are fun, relaxing, safe places to visit, and to have some fun with the Chat Hosts, fellow Roomies and of course The Butler! The Butler kindly asks that you respect some simple, easy to follow rules on chat etiquette.

  • Rules

    The Butler brings you the best "Online Bingo on a Silver Platter". And to ensure your fun and enjoyment whilst playing Butlers Bingo we need to have some common sense rules. So please read The Butler's Terms & Conditions (don't worry, there is a bit of fine print stuff but not too much!).

    The Butler also loves giving away BBz, and of course they too have rules! You can read his Bonus Money Rules.

    The best customer bingo support is, of course, brought to you by the Butler with his FAQs, live chat and email helpline! Join today!

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