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The Butler takes great pride in providing the very best in online bingo support to his valued customers. From his comprehensive FAQ’s, to his super email and live chat helpline, the Butler is always on hand to help you out!

As with many computer or internet related matters, when you first investigate online bingo it can seem a touch confusing. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and many of us find it to be this way initially. With this in mind, the Butler has created a comprehensive bingo support section on his website. In support, not only will you find our email and live chat support service, as well as the Butler’s comprehensive FAQ section, but you will also find a host of other useful bits of information. Whilst the original game of bingo has been with us for hundreds of years, online bingo has only been around for a few. But, even within this short space of time, it has developed its own language or 'lingo'.

The best customer bingo support is, of course, brought to you by the Butler with FAQs, live chat and email helpline! Join today!

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