Progressive Slots £4,331,399.14
Bingo PJP £25,251.46


Butlers Bingo uses an advanced internet security system, powered by 128-bit SSL encryption. What this basically means is that it would take many years for a super computer to break the code for the financial transactions executed with Butlers Bingo over the web. Your electronic transactions data is therefore always secure, giving you total confidence in banking online. 128-bit SSL encryption is the industry standard for online transactions and is the standard set by many of the world's leading financial authorities.

Butlers Bingo banking transactions are processed by:

DataCash Group plc, Descartes House, 8 Gate Street, London WC2A 3HP, UK.

DataCash Group plc is a public company traded solely on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), a market operated by the London Stock Exchange plc.

The Butler's Tip: Please note that players will be billed as 'Broadway Gaming' or 'Datacash' on all bank statements.

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