Progressive Slots £9,898,038.72
Bingo PJP £5,534.24


The Butlers very own Bingo rooms offer some great promotions such as The Big One PJP, Bingo Blast’s, Blitz’s, Boom’s and much more. There’s even the Spinner room where you can win spins to play your favourite casino games!

For a taste of some of The Butler's current weekly promotions, check out these games below:

Broadway Room

The Big One

  • Look out for our amazing new progressive Jackpot game playing throughout the day in the Broadway Room.
  • The Jackpot continues to grow until we have a winner!
  • Get bingo in 45 balls and this amazing Jackpot is yours, tickets 25p.

Bingo Boom

  • Just keep an eye out for the BINGO BOOM games with the jackpot symbol and if you win in the required ball count the Jackpot on that game is yours!
  • With Jackpots starting from £200 there will be over £5,000 cash to be won every promo evening, so forget those crowded nightclubs and enjoy the 'Boom Boom Boom' of multiple jackpots instead!
  • Pre buy now for these special 'Bingo Boom' games, or stop by on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to join the fun! See you there.

Jackpot Got2Go

  • We start off at 9pm with a low ball count for you to win the full house in. Each game it's not won we increase the ball count until we eventually reach 90 balls and a guaranteed winner!
  • Will you scoop the jackpot early, or will it go down to the wire? Either way, £1,000 has Got-2-Go!
  • Pre-buy for this week's 'Jackpot Got 2 Go' games are available now in the Broadway room, so don't miss out!

Lucky Pot Jackpot

  • Friday nights from 9pm, join us in the Broadway Room for a Lucky dip on Jackpots! There are 14 different Jackpots to be won and ticket prices to suit everyone.

Bingo Blitz

  • Saturday and Sunday from 9pm, Over £13,000 in Jackpots can be won each evening along with a fantastic evening of bingo.

Spinner Room

  • Play in the Spinner Room from 5pm to 11pm (UK time) each evening.
  • Win spins for your favourite slot games.
  • Buy tickets with your BBz or cash.
Page last updated on 14th June 2016

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