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Online roulette is one of The Butler’s favourite casino games. Whilst The Butler loves to play online bingo, when he is looking for that extra bit of excitement between bingo events, he sometimes engages in a few roulette games.

You can play online roulette in a variety of different ways with different wins being earned, based on the different ways you can wager. All of these wagers are the same whether you are playing roulette at a casino or whether you are playing online roulette.

The easiest wager you can make is to bet on black or red, or odds or evens. You place your bet simply by predicting whether the ball will stop on a black or red number, or alternatively an odd or even number, when the wheel stops spinning. If you are correct, you then win double your money! The next bet you can make is called a "thirds" bet. You simply try and predict whether the ball will stop on the first twenty four numbers, the second twenty four numbers or the third set of twenty four numbers. If you predict this correctly, then you will win three times your money! The next type of bet is the most risky, however, also the one with the biggest pay off. This bet is when you try and predict the actual number that the ball stops on when the wheel stops spinning. If you predict this correctly, then you win a massive seventy two times your bet! Imagine; if you bet £5 you will win a massive £360!

Finally, and perhaps the best thing of all with playing roulette games, is that it is all based on luck and chance, so you don’t need to worry about being a beginner!

So go ahead; the next time you are waiting to play online bingo, why not play a few roulette games by placing your bets and spinning that wheel? Whether you are a seasoned pro or are new to casino games, you always have the same chance of winning by playing online roulette!

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