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What is Wagering?

Wagering is the term given to the value of bets you must place on a gambling site before you can withdraw. It’s also called a wagering requirement.

Bonus Playthrough Terms

Wagering requirements are often decided as part of welcome bonus. They must be played through to ensure the player isn’t abusing bonuses. Most online gambling sites have one of two types of wagering requirement:

1. A multiple of your initial account balance plus any bonus you receive.

2. A multiple of the bonus you receive.

Most sites lay out their wagering requirements as part of their bonus rules.

Wagering requirements are fulfilled by placing bets on games. Different games have different values: for example, every pound wagered on bingo or slots results in a £1 reduction on your wagering requirement. However, values for casino games may be lower: every £1 wagered on poker may only reduce your wagering requirement by £0.8.

You can play through your wagering requirement by depositing or using winnings from games: see payout rates for games here.

10x and 20x Wagering Requirements

10X wagering requirements and 20X wagering requirements are some of the most common. If you have a 10x wagering requirement, it means you must play through the amount of bonus you received 10 times before you can withdraw. 20x wagering requirements are the same, but you must play through 20 times your bonus before you can withdraw.

Free spins are unlikely to contribute towards a wagering requirement.

Zero Wagering

Some sites offer bonuses with zero wagering requirements and no deposit bonuses. These are rare but do exist. However, always read the terms and conditions if offered a zero wagering bonus: many of these offers have quick timeouts and strict requirements around withdrawal.

Are wagering requirements legally enforced?

They are not legally enforced but they are contained in the terms and conditions of a site, so they must be adhered to in order to play. Many sites set wagering requirements to discourage fraudsters and bonus hunters.

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