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What is RTP in Gambling

RTP stands for Return To Player. Its a single figure that dictates how much of the wagered cash is returned to the player. When money is deposited into a slot game for example, the RTP is used to determine how much of cumulative spend is returned as prize money.

Whats the best RTP rate

You’ll see that the majority of slot games hover around the 96% mark, which means 96% of the spend is returned to the player. The remaining 4% is what the house keeps for its costs and profit. Different games operate with different functionality. A progressive jackpot for example has the USP of building up an impressive jackpot prize pot – sometimes in the millions. But for that prize to accumulate, the RTP is reduced so that more money can be retained to essentially ‘feed’ the prize pot.

RTP is lower for progressive jackpots

An example would be a progressive jackpot slot having 88% RTP, which is quite a bit different to the 96% of our example above. It might be the case that only 4% is kept for costs and profit still, but the remaining 8% is held for the main prize – the jackpot. The 88% rtp, significantly reduces the chances for players winning those small amounts. So the risk increases, but the jackpot is bigger.

RTP is a lifetime calculation, as long as the game is being played. The algorithms that make use of the RTP figure are constantly operational. So the equations will be orientated towards retaining the theoretical 4% margin on a 96% rtp over the lifespan of the game. With that in mind, you could take a 30 day snapshot of data, where a huge prize has been won. In that circumstance, the RTP will be skewed by that event. But once again, in theory if you measure the lifespan of the game, you should be able to evidence RTP in effect.

The best RTP slot games

The best RTP slot games, is an opinion that is really down to your preference. The most favourable RTP games are the ones that return more prize money than is retained for costs, so 96% and above. But it would be best if you look at it from your own preferences and what your expectation of win rate is. For example, game play volatility. A highly volatile game, despite having a favourable RTP, might payout less, because its prizes are bigger. So less prizes, few and far between, but bigger amounts when they eventually drop. Whereas low volatility games, are likely to offer much more frequent wins, but smaller amounts.

The full list of RTP rates can be found on our Slot RTP page.

But some of our best RTP slot games for their single return value are as follows:

Dragon Dance 97.49%
Hot Ink 97.50%
Reel Gems 97.49%
Retro Reels 97.50%
Retro Reels Extreme Heat 97.50%
Wild Orient 97.49%
Bikini Party 97.49%
Couch Potato 97.43%


Is bingo fixed... Is casino fixed... Are slot games fixed?

Yes, they are fixed! We don’t mean this in a corrupt sense, they are certainly not fixed to make sure you lose. They are fixed with a mathematical equation (an algorithm) that returns a certain amount in prize money, with a small percentage going to costs and profits. If the games were 100% random, we could potentially have a theoretical situation where the house wins every single time. Even though that is unlikely, it is still a possibility under random conditions. So it's much more efficient to run a game with an RTP, so players are clear that the game is engineered to return a specific amount of spend in prize money.


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