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Bingo Strategy how do you win at bingo

Although Bingo is a simple game which has been around for hundreds of years, it might just have new players stumped at times; Don't worry, we have a few tips up his sleeve to make winning even easier for you!

Pick your preferred time

Choose the right time for you to play. Dependent on your approach you can be more likely to win by playing in a game with less players. But considering the mathematics behind how prize pots are generated, you’ll have less money in the win pool. So, if you’re just looking to win, for that buzz or thrill of being the best, then definitely look for off-peak times.

Buy more tickets

If you want to win big, then you can increase your chances if you buy more tickets! Again, bingo is a game of math and online there’s no real limit to how many tickets you can buy. Bear in mind that the game is still random, so whilst you increase your chances of winning, you’re still playing a game of chance and we do see winners collect from just one ticket purchase.

Keep trying

But do you ever see this complaint: “it's always the same winners?” - Winning can sometime self-perpetuate, you win a small amount, you buy more tickets than other players, you increase your chances of winning. It's no surprise that players who end up in this cycle might win on more occasions that others. But remember they’re spending more money and risking more cash that way.

Be wary of peak times

If you’re looking for big prizes, Jackpots tend to be higher at weekends, but it is also important to remember that on weekends sometimes rooms can get a bit overcrowded. And it becomes more competitive, as the regular players who might have a strategy, come in to play!


Pre-buy your tickets for certain games. It's often the case that games are played at inconvenient times and therefore, they don’t attract the crowds that would normally play at say peak times. You might also find that certain game styles are played when its inconvenient for you to join in, like a must go jackpot or a guaranteed jackpot. Within these rooms/games, the prize is often set at minimum even before participants have the chance to influence the prize pool by buy in more tickets. If you can’t be on board to play that game at that time, you can quite often pre-buy and just let the game play out.

Side games

And if you’re still not winning, we always have the chat room games on the side offering opportunities for you to pick up some BBZs (Bingo Bonus).

Be responsible

Ultimately bingo is a set game of chance, you play against other people, one of you has to win. The house takes a small cut, but the aim of the game is for one person to win that bingo prize. You can increase your chances of winning by either playing when there are less people or buying more tickets. You’re still in with as much chance as any of the players in the room playing with you. It’s a gamble, for the most part it's down to the luck of the draw! Gamble responsibly and only ever play with what you can afford to lose!

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