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90 ball bingo and how to play

What is 90 ball bingo and how do you play?

In the UK, 90 ball bingo is the most popular game for people who like to play online bingo or at a bingo hall. The majority of our bingo games are based on the 90 ball format and you'll find that’s very similar across a lot of bingo platforms.

90 Ball Bingo Rules

  • Chose the game you want to play
  • Buy in to a game, by purchasing tickets in advance. There might be a minimum buy in
  • When the game starts, listen for the calls (numbers) and mark yours off as they are read out
  • For most games, you’re looking to earn a single horizontal line first
  • Then after the single line game has been won, its whoever completes a ticket first wins the house prize for that game
  • Some games have a progressive jackpot prizes that builds when it is played. It is usually awarded when a player gets a full house of numbers below or on a set number of calls.

How to play 90 ball bingo

Online bingo rules are different to bingo hall games, starting with the purchase of tickets. In a bingo hall you buy a strip, which normally comes in a small book of multiple strips. You will more than likely have to buy in to a minimum number of games at a bingo hall.

A single strip contains 6 tickets each with 15 numbers. 6 tickets x 15 numbers and you’ve got 90 numbers. In the past 90 balls would have been called from a tombola, but now its all digital and they’re randomly called by a number generator. These algorithms still draw at random, in much the same way that balls would drop from a tombola drum.

How to play 90 ball bingo online

With online bingo, you can buy 1 single ticket. Buying only one ticket greatly reduces your chances of winning, compared to those who buy more. But its always an option if you prefer a more conservative spend.

So as the numbers are called out, you mark them on your bingo cards. Or in most cases the game dabbers mark the ticket off automatically. The goal is to get a full line marked on one of your cards as soon as possible and the first person to get one full line marked, wins the first prize.

Any many cases a second line game is played after the single line prize is awarded. Which is won when two full lines with the numbers marked out are completed. Once the two line prize is awarded you then play for the big online bingo prize - the full house! This is when you mark off all the numbers on one of your bingo cards.

There are a tonne of variant interpretations of the 90 ball set up, with additional prizes, chat games, progressive jackpots, linked prizes and so on. But the basic tradition stays the same – Listen out for 90 balls being called and mark of you card until some wins the line and full house prizes.

What is a Dabber or a Dauber.

A dabber is the fat felt tipped pen that is used in bingo halls, to mark off the cards when number are called. Dabber is the UK version whereas Dauber is used in the US. Some bingo halls now have digital cards that automatically record the numbers and almost all online bingo games self dab as part of the automated tool.

What is a tombola

Tombola is a rolling drum that bingo balls were traditionally called from, back when it was physically played with balls. Lots of bingo halls around the world still use a traditional tombola drum to call the numbers. Its also a catchy name for an online bingo company.

How do you buy tickets in 90 ball bingo

In a hall you normally buy a strip or a book. A single strip has six cards with 15 numbers, which equals a total of 90 numbers. Most halls prefer you to pre-buy a book so that you stay for all games in a session. You can normally buy more books if you want to increase your chances of winning. With online bingo, you treat like am online store, you find where to buy tickets and you chose how many you want to buy. You need a prepaid balance or bonus money to buy the tickets and you can normally buy as little as one ticket.

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