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75 Ball bingo

What is 75 ball bingo and how to play

It’s a 75 ball based game on a 5 x 5 number grid, normally played over three cards. So 75 balls should fill your 75 places on your three 5 x 5 cards. As number 1 – 75 are called randomly, you mark off your card until suggested winning patterns are formed or you fill the grid.

75 Ball bingo might be more familiar if you are playing in North America. The basic principles are the same as any other bingo game and you still buy cards for games for sessions. You will more than likely have to buy multiples of 3 tickets so that you are playing with 75 numbers.

Within each grid you have a central free number that’s marked with a star when you buy the card.

75 Ball Bingo Rules

  • Chose the game you want to play
  • Buy in to a game, by purchasing tickets in advance. There might be a minimum buy in
  • When the game starts, listen for the calls (numbers) and mark yours off as they are read out
  • For most games, you’re looking to earn a single vertical line first
  • Then after the single line game has been won, its whoever completes a ticket first wins the house prize for that game
  • Some games have a progressive jackpot prizes that builds when it is played. It is usually awarded when a player gets a full house of numbers below or on a set number of calls.
  • Variations of the game are played with patterns. You might want to mark of the four corners first or one side of your grid – these specifics are down the game host at that time.

With online bingo, the range of prizes are allotted to games based on patters. We have a 75 ball game that requires you to have all the numbers called in columns 1,2,4&5 – not column 3 that runs through the free number.

In a lot of bingo halls in the UK, they play a 75 ball quick game, where the first person to mark of four corners of their card wins that prize.

With the pattern-based games, the game is normally over at the point in which that pattern is made. So no need to continue on for a full house. These quick games greatly increase the chances of multiple winners and so prize pots are often shared.

Shotgun bingo is fast style of 75 ball bingo where number are called quickly with little breaks. Players tend to be 1 or 2 cards, as its easier to mark off at the rapid rate that numbers are called. And once again prizes are dependent on patters required by the hosts.

There’s also an instant win variant of the game called quick shot, where the entire setup is created in advance. And a select number of balls are pre-drawn. Cards are sealed and either full house or patterns are nominate as the win requirements. Whoever matches the game in that’s instant wins the prize! It’s a good buzz, but not as enjoyable as the full game.

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