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90 Ball Bingo
  • How to Play 90 Ball Bingo

    90 Ball Bingo is the most common form of bingo played in the UK and Ireland, having been something of a national institution in the UK since the 1960s. 90 Ball Bingo is open 24 hours a day and is very easy to play.

    The object of the game is to mark off the numbers on your ticket(s) as they are drawn. You have multiple chances of winning:

    • One Line Bingo, being a single line across (five numbers),
    • Two Line Bingo, being two lines across (ten numbers),
    • Full House, being when you hit the big time and cover all the numbers on a ticket (fifteen numbers)!

    The Butler increases the prize for each successful line with the jackpot prize awarded to the first player to complete a Full House. If more than one player lands a win, The Butler will split the prize for that win.

    So login and play now, enter one of our 90 Ball Bingo Rooms, and click on the 'Buy' button to purchase tickets. Each game differs but in general you can buy up to 96 tickets for most games. Each ticket is made up of 3 rows and 9 columns. Each row has 5 numbered squares; while there will always be 4 free squares per row.

    The Butler's Tip: A set of 6 tickets is called a strip, and in a strip, every possible number from 1 to 90 is distributed ONCE (and only once) across these 6 tickets. Therefore, for every ball called, one number can be marked on any of the 6 tickets.

  • When Can I Play 90 Ball Bingo?

    Whenever you want 24 hours a day!

    Simply login to play Butlers Bingo where you will find live games and our friendly chat hosts. The Butler offers at least ten 90 Ball Bingo games per hour, and you can instantly join any game with less than 10 drawn balls.

  • Play 90 Ball Progressive Jackpots (PJP)

    You can join a 90 Ball PJP Bingo game just by buying tickets, for your chance to land huge payouts! The PJPs in each room always start with at least 500.00 and increase in value each game until a player wins the jackpot.

    At the start, you win the PJP in any of the rooms if you 'Bingo' in 36 balls or less. The Butler increases the balls to Bingo by one ball every four days in each room until someone wins the PJP. So keep an eye out for the changing number of required balls to land the jackpot in each of the rooms!

    The Butler's Tip: The higher the number of balls to Bingo, the sooner someone is going to win the super PJP! So why not buy some tickets and see if today is your lucky PJP day with Butlers Bingo. You must be a depositing player to win a PJP.

  • 75 Ball Bingo
  • How to Play 75 Ball Bingo

    75 Ball Bingo is the most common form of bingo played in North America and Scandinavia. Our 75 Ball Bingo room is open every evening from 15:00 (UK time), and is very easy to play.

    The object of the game is to mark off all your numbers in the bingo pattern displayed on your bingo ticket, and the first player to do this is the winner! With 75 Ball Bingo there can also be more than one winner. If this happens, The Butler will split the prize between the winning players.

    Each ticket is 5 x 5 (five columns by five rows) and made up of random numbers from 1 to 75. The Butler will always mark the middle square on each ticket. Each column is headed by a letter B, I, N, G and O, which is also shown on the number board and bingo balls.

  • Chat Games
  • How to Play Chat Games

    Whilst you are enjoying your game of bingo you can also join in the chat with your fellow roomies. The Butler gives you a chance to win extra prizes in his fantastic chat games. So simply login, choose your bingo game and you'll be free to join in the fun of the chat room.

    The Butler's Tip: To keep The Butlers Bingo Chat Rooms a fun & friendly place, he kindly asks that you respect some simple, easy to follow rules on chat etiquette.

  • Chat Phrases

    As Bingo has been around for ages, lots of fun lingo and phrases have popped up during games and many of them have stuck over the years. And just like with text messaging, online bingo has also developed its own lingo.

    The Butler invites you to brush up on your Bingo Lingo and Chat Phrases, so next time you're in the chat room you can WOW fellow roomies and have lots of fun!

    The Butler's Tip: Everyone likes to have fun, so please make sure you stick to The Butler's Chat Etiquette guidelines!

    The Butler's Tip: To keep The Butlers Bingo Chat Rooms a fun & friendly place, he kindly asks that you respect some simple, easy to follow rules on chat etiquette.

    1TG - One To Go 2TG - Two To Go 3TG - Three To Go BEHAVE - Oh behave yourself BEST - All the best BINGO - Bingo! BOL - best of Luck BRAVE - You're brave BRB - Be Right Back BYE - Bye CBS - Come back soon CU - See You DAFT - Don't be daft DAHLIN - All right, darling? DBL - Don't Be Long DCL - Don't cry love FUNNY - Now that's funny G2BB - Great to be back GL - Good Luck GLA - Good Luck All
    GLEV1 - Good Luck Everyone GOOD4U - Good For You GS - Great Stuff HB - Hurry Back HEREUR - Here you are HIA - Hi All HIEV1 - Hi Everyone HIT - Hit me HOUSE - House! HOWRU - Ho are you? HURRY - Hurry Up Roomies LADS - Away lads LOL - Laugh Out Loud LOSE - Do you ever lose? MAMAMIA - Mama Mia MMM - Mmm MONEY - Show me the Money! N2BB - Nice to be back NP - No Problem
    NT - You're Nearly There OOPS - Oops QUEEN - Save the Queen SAY - You don't say SHOUT - Shout it out SMOKIN - Smoking! SS - So Sorry SUPER - Super Duper TY - Thank You TYU2 - You Too, Thank You TYVM - Thank You Very Much U2 - You Too URBEST - You're the best URMONEY - It's your money WB - Welcome Back WD - Well Done WIN - Nice Win WTG - Way To Go YNT - You're Nearly There YW - You're Welcome
  • Bingo Lingo
    1. Kelly's eye, Buttered scone, At the beginning, Little Jimmy, Nelson's column, B1, Baby of bingo
    2. One little duck, Baby's done it, Doctor who, Me and you, Little boy blue, Home alone, Peek a boo
    3. Dearie me, I'm free, Debbie McGee, You and me, Goodness me, One little flea, Cup of tea
    4. The one next door, On the floor, knock at the door, Shut the door, Bobby Moore
    5. Man alive, Jack's alive, One little snake
    6. Tom Mix, Tom's tricks, Chopsticks, In a fix
    7. Lucky seven, God's in heaven, One little crutch, David Beckham, One hockey stick, A slice of heaven
    8. Garden gate, Golden gate, At the gate, Harry Tate, One fat lady, She's always late, Sexy Kate
    9. Doctor's orders
    10. Downing street, Cock and hen (rhyming), Uncle Ben (rhyming), A big fat hen
    11. Legs eleven, Legs - they're lovely, Kelly's legs number eleven, Chicken legs, Skinny legs
    12. One dozen, One and two - a dozen, Monkey's cousin (rhymes with "a dozen), One doz' if one can
    13. Unlucky for some, Devil's number, Bakers dozen
    14. Valentines day, Tender
    15. Rugby team, Young and keen, Yet to be kissed
    16. Sweet sixteen, She's lovely, Never been kissed
    17. Often been kissed, Over-ripe, Dancing queen, The age to catch 'em, Posh and Becks
    18. Key of the door, Now you can vote, Coming of age
    19. Goodbye teens
    20. One score, Getting plenty, Blind 20
    21. Royal salute, Keyof the door, If onle I was.., Just my age
    22. Two little ducks, Ducks on a pond, Dinky doo, All the twos, Bishop Desmond, Put your 2 2's on
    23. A duck and a flea, Thee and me, The Lord's my sheperd (based on 23rd Psalm), A duck on a tree
    24. Two dozen, Did you score?, Do you want some more?
    25. Duck and dive
    26. Bed and breakfast (traditional price was 2 shillings 6 pence), Half a crown (equal to 2 shillings 6 pence)
    27. Little duck with a crutch, Gateway to heaven
    28. In a state, The old brags, Over weight, Duck & its mate
    29. You're doing fine, In your prime, Rise and shine
    30. Burlington Bertie, Dirty Gertie, Speed limit (in built-up area, UK), Blind 30, Flirty thirty, Your face is dirty
    31. Get up and run
    32. Buckle my shoe
    33. Dirty knees, All the feathers, All the threes, Gertie Lee, Two little fleas, Sherwood forest (all the trees)
    34. Ask for more
    35. Jump and jive, Flirty wives
    36. Three dozen, Perfect (as in 36-24-36)
    37. A flea in heaven, More than eleven
    38. Christmas cake
    39. Those famous steps, All the steps, Jack Benny
    40. Two score, Life begins at, Blind 40, Naughty 40
    41. Life's begun, Time for fun
    42. That famous street in Manhattan, Whinny the Poo
    43. Down on your knees
    44. Droopy drawers, All the fours, Open two doors
    45. Halfway house, Halfway there, Cowboys friend
    46. Up to tricks
    47. Four and seven
    48. Four dozen
    49. Copper, Nick nick, Rise and shine
    50. Bulls eye, Bung hole, Blind 50, Half a century, Snow White's number (five-oh, five-oh..), Hawaii five O
    51. I love my mum, Tweak of the thumb, The Highland Div[ision]
    52. Weeks in a year, The Lowland Div[ision], Danny La Rue, Pack 'o cards
    53. Stuck in the tree, The Welsh Div[ision], The joker
    54. Clean the floor, House of bamboo (famous song)
    55. Snakes alive, All the fives, Double nickets, Give us fives, Bunch of fives
    56. Was she worth it?
    57. Heinz varieties, All the beans (Heinz 57 varieties of canned beans)
    58. Make them wait, Choo choo Thomas
    59. Brighton line (engine 59)
    60. Three score, Blind 60, Five dozen
    61. Bakers bun
    62. Tickety boo, Turn on the screw
    63. Tickle me
    64. The Beatles number, Red raw
    65. Old age pension, Stop work (retirement age)
    66. Clickety click, All the sixes
    67. Made in heaven, Argumentative number
    68. Saving grace
    69. The same both ways, your place or mine? Meal for two, The French connection, Yum yum
    70. Three score and ten, Blind 70
    71. Bang on the drum, Lucky one
    72. A crutch and a duck, Six dozen, Par for the fourse (gol), Lucky two
    73. Crutch with a flea, Queen B, Under the tree, Lucky Three
    74. Candy store, Grandmamma of Bingo, Lucky four
    75. Strive and strive, Big Daddy, Granddaddy of Bingo, Lucky five
    76. Trombones, Seven n' six - was she worth it?, Lucky six
    77. Sunset strip, All the sevens, Two little crutches, The double hockey stick, Lucky seven
    78. Heavens gate, Lucky eight
    79. One more time, Lucky nine
    80. Gandhi's breakfast, Blind 80, Eight and blank, There you go matey
    81. Fat lady and a little wee, Stop and run, Corner shot
    82. Fat lady with a duck, Straight on through
    83. Fat lady with a flea, Time for tea, Ethel's Ear
    84. Seven dozen
    85. Staying alive
    86. Between the sticks
    87. Fat lady with a crutch, Torquay in Devon
    88. Two fat ladies, Wobbly wobbly, All the eights
    89. Nearly there, All but one
    90. Top of the shop, Top of the house, Blind 90, As far as we go, End of the line
  • Bingo Terms

    Take a peek at The Butler's glossary below and see if you are in the know... After all, you want to make sure you know your "Bingo Balls" from your "Bingo Calls"!!!!


    This type of Bingo is Canada and the US’s most popular Bingo game. The game uses only 75 Bingo Balls, and to win you need to be the first to call 'Bingo' on a specific game pattern. The Butler displays the winning bingo pattern you need at the start of a game, which comes in a variety of patterns like 'coverall', 'flower', 'heart' and of course the '$' sign!


    This style of Bingo is Europe’s favourite! In many countries since the early 1960s, this form of Bingo has become a national past time and has been played in land based Bingo halls ever since. The name comes from the number of Bingo balls in play (90). You can win in three ways: firstly, a single line across, then two lines across, and finally the full house win where all the numbers are covered!


    Bingo Bonus money! These are bonus credits The Butler adds to your account, which can be gained in a variety of different ways:

    • On signing up for the first time you might have been awarded some BBz
    • Or when you made your first deposit!
    • Or perhaps you won some BBz in one of The Butler's Chat Games!

    The Butler's Tip: BBz can be used to purchase bingo tickets. For more information on BBz please read carefully the rules for BBz.


    These are the numbered bingo balls that are drawn at random from the overall set. In 90 Ball Bingo, the balls just have numbers on them. In 75 Ball Bingo, each ball has a number and a letter on them (B, I, N, G or O).


    90 Ball Bingo is famous for its quirky sayings and rhyming slang when it comes to calling out the Bingo numbers. Do you know who Dirty Gertie, or Bishop Desmond is?!


    Surprise surprise! It’s the actual ticket you buy to play Bingo.


    This is a progressive jackpot (PJP) in Bingo that usually comes about on the thirteenth game of a session. There is usually an additional fee to joining in this game, where forty-five random numbers are drawn before the game starts, and players mark them down. A Bonanza game usually starts at 48 numbers and goes up one number every week until 52, or until the jackpot is won.


    There are two definitions:

    • Convert your Bingo credits to their cash equivalent,
    • OR Buy Bingo tickets.

    In online Bingo, you buy-in by purchasing Bingo tickets. The buy-in cost varies from game to game.


    A fixture of land based Bingo. Callers are people who call out the Bingo numbers. On rare occasions, callers who call incorrect numbers get penalized, and cash might be added to a game pot to rectify the lapse. See Bingo Calls.


    A very popular attraction to online Bingo players, chat rooms are great fun and let online Roomies socialize in a way very similar to land-based Bingo get-to-gethers. Butlers Bingo has a vibrant and fun chat community, adding that extra personal touch to your online Bingo game!


    These games happen every hour at Butlers Bingo, and provide you with a great way of earning those extra BBz from The Butler.


    Your friendly online community Chat Hosts or Chat Managers, are the people who monitor The Butler's online Bingo chat rooms, answer your chat room questions, run the Chat Games and randomly dish out Bingo Bonus money (BBz). They make excellent friends, and with their help, the fun never ends!


    The Bingo game type (specific to 75 Ball Bingo) where you have to cover the entire bingo ticket before you can win.


    This is an ink filled bottle or pen used to mark off called numbers on your Bingo ticket(s). Touching the ticket with the felt tip of the dauber marks the square. You don't have to worry about this at Butlers Bingo, as The Butler marks your tickets for you as the numbers are drawn, using his auto-dauber.


    The purchases you make at Butlers Bingo. The Butler offers numerous payment methods like Ukash, and a variety of Credit and Debit cards, that allow you to make your deposits and to buy your tickets quickly and easily.


    The Butler offers some exciting deposit bonuses for all online Bingo players, including a new player bonus. These Bonuses change on a regular basis, so keep your eyes open for the latest bonuses and promotions!


    For you Bingo fans who like to start off early, these games kick off before other, regularly scheduled games. You can check out the Early Bird Games The Butler offers on the schedule page.


    In 75 Ball Bingo, each Bingo ticket has a blank centre square that almost acts like a Wild or Joker. It’s free and it counts towards making a winning pattern. 90 Ball Bingo on the other hand has just empty spaces on your Bingo tickets. They are free, but they don't count for anything! Oh well...!


    You are a funded player if you have deposited funds into your Butlers Bingo account using any debit, credit card or alternate payment method. Check out all the payment methods The Butler offers at banking options.


    At Butlers Bingo, The Butler has a different room, with a different theme and prize for each game-type of bingo being played, hence the term ‘Roomies’. The Butler encourages you to jump from room to room and experience the fun with the different Chat Hosts and Roomies. This adds to the fun, social side of online Bingo.


    One for the hardcore fans! This is a type of game specific to 75 Ball Bingo that is played without the benefit of the free space (the blank) to make a winning pattern. That means there’s no Wild or Joker space to boost your winning pattern. Sounds tough to The Butler!


    The name says it all: These are online Scratch Card and Casino Games you can play in between your regular bingo games. The Butler will bring you your chosen instant win game direct to wherever you are, be it in The Butler's Bingo Lobby or any of his Bingo Rooms. With these exciting games, The Butler instantly deducts your ticket costs from your account, and he also instantly credits any winnings to your account!


    A fantastic cash pot that can be won if you call 'Bingo' on the lucky number. The Butler will call the lucky number first at the beginning of a regular game that has a Lucky Jar in play. Every time the lucky number is called, more cash gets added to the jar.


    One for the night owls! These late-night Bingo games usually start from about 10:00 PM and may run through the night. Butlers Bingo also offers these late night Bingo sprees. To find out more, check out the Bingo schedule.


    This number is selected before a game starts. If you call 'Bingo' on the number, then your winnings are doubled!


    If two or more players call 'bingo' at the same time, The Butler will split the prize money evenly between them.


    When you login to your account, The Butler takes you to your 'My Account' area, also called the Bingo Lobby. From here you can check out your funds, transaction history and personal details. And play The Butlers Bingo, Slots, Casino and Scratch Card games, of course!


    When you need just one more number in order to complete a winning pattern (call Bingo), that player is ‘On’ – just one letter or number away from winning.


    A Bingo game played towards a Blackout game. This ‘on the way’ game leads up from initial games, with more numbers being called until the Blackout occurs.


    This is where you can check out all activity and the current balance on your account at Butlers Bingo. You can select payment methods like Ukash, Visa and Mastercard, or keep track of how much you’ve deposited or wish to withdraw.


    The phrases used in the chat room. Three of the most popular ones here are ‘GLA’, ‘WTG’ and ‘WD’. Brush up on your Chat Phrases & Bingo Lingo terms.


    The act of withdrawing some of your hard-earned online Bingo winnings! A minimum of €/£10 may be cashed out of your account and will be processed within 24 hours. You also have 24 hours in which to reverse a payout, in case you want to keep playing for more!


    Butlers Bingo holds these draws on a weekly and monthly basis. Prizes for these promotional draws range from iPods and laptops to coffee machines and gift vouchers. You can check out The Butler's promotions & super draws.


    Progressive Jackpots or PJPs are that extra bit of excitement The Butler adds to the bingo games! In all of the games a separate cash pot is placed aside after each game, and this cash pot grows and grows. The Jackpots always start at a minimum of €/£250, and are won when a player calls "Bingo" within a set number of calls. If no one wins the PJP prize in a game, the entire pot is rolled over to the next game. The number of balls within which you have to call "bingo" to win the PJP increases by 1 every couple of days. This means that as the PJP grows, the chances of winning it also grows!


    The collective term for online Bingo players. The term is used affectionately for the players specific to the online game rooms.


    An evening or daytime program lasting from two to three hours.


    A variation of regular Bingo with lickety split number calls. Players can even Bingo in as little as three numbers!


    Similar to Speed Bingo, but usually played in coverall games.


    A quirky variation of a blackout game. In Texas Blackout, the first number called will either be Odd or Even. If the number called is Even, all even numbers on a player’s card are Wild (Jokers). All of these numbers are covered and the game proceeds to blackout. The same goes for a game where the first called number is Odd.


    The total amount staked at Butlers Bingo.


    The Butler's specialty! Every new player gets free Bingo Bonus money (BBz) from The Butler when you join to play at Butlers Bingo! You don't even have to deposit any money to get them!


    Any money that you withdraw from your Butlers Bingo account. There is a minimum of 20.00 that may be withdrawn in a transaction. Any withdrawal is credited to your bank account through your preferred payment method. For more information also see deposit and withdrawal methods.


    The last game in a session.

  • Chat Etiquette

    Out of consideration for our Chat Hosts and all our Roomies, The Butler asks that all players abide by the following rules:

    • If you have questions for your Chat Host that are not answered immediately, please be patient and ask again when your Chat Host is ready. Sometimes the chat gets a bit hectic in the rooms!
    • Please have respect for your Chat Host's authority. Our Chat Host's love their jobs here at Butlers Bingo, but with all the action going on, sometimes it is quite stressful, so please bear this is mind.
    • Our Chat Hosts are not police officers; they will help out with your problems to the best of their ability but will never take sides in player arguments.
    • To differentiate themselves from other players, our Chat Hosts type in capital letters.
    • Chat Host impersonation is not accepted at Butlers Bingo. If a player is found to be trying to impersonate a Chat Host they can be banned from Butlers Bingo.
    • Please be courteous when choosing your nickname. Other Roomies don't want to see nicknames that are offensive, sexual in nature or contain crude references to body parts, bodily functions, curse words, etc. The Butler also tends to take offence to that type of thing!
    • We all love winning, and just like in real life, players often go on lucky streaks. Please do not make them feel bad for having good luck as some day it will probably be you in that hot seat!
    • Please do not harass or bother other players at Butlers Bingo. If you do not like another player, just ignore them. The Butler will take care of them...
    • Remember that not all Roomies like to chat. If another player is not replying to you, they may just be very shy, or maybe even on "auto buy" and away from their computers.
    • Improper discussion in chat may result in having your ability to chat suspended.
    • NO harassment, slander, abuse or any other kind of mistreatment of other players will be accepted by The Butler.
    • NO soliciting or advertising for other bingo or any casino sites is allowed.
    • NO "Cyber Sex" or other chat of an overtly sexual nature, including the use of sexual terms or connotations is allowed.
    • NO racism, racial slurs or otherwise offensive remarks will be tolerated. Butlers Bingo players come from all walks of life.
    • Players are not allowed to ask for donations of any sort from other players.
  • Please wait while we create your account.

    The process can take up to 30 seconds, but don't despair, you will automatically be redirected to Butlers Bingo Lobby.