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Bingo Strategy

Although Bingo is a simple game which has been around for hundreds of years, it might just have new players stumped at times; Don't worry, The Butler has a few tips up his sleeve to make winning even easier for you!

  • Choose the right time for you to play.
  • Jackpots tend to be higher at weekends, but it is also important to remember that on weekends sometimes rooms can get a bit overcrowded.
  • If the Bingo Room is crowded the prizes might be bigger, but you have fewer chances to win. Have a think about this before you buy your tickets.
  • You can increase your chances to win if you buy more tickets!
  • Another good way to enhance your excitement and to gain more profit is to play some Slot Games, Scratch Cards, Mini Games or Casino Games. The Butler offers you these super games that you can play during and between bingo games. Use this great feature to win more money and get that great winning feeling!

The Butler's Tip: Keep your eyes peeled throughout Butlers Bingo as The Butler lets you in on a few more Tips!

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