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90 Ball Bingo

In the UK, 90 ball bingo is the most popular game for people who like to play online bingo. Butlers Bingo offers a wide range of 90 ball games; from free bingo to linked bingo games and, of course, our super progressive jackpot online bingo games - we have them all in 90 ball format at Butlers Bingo!

Whilst The Butler offers a variety of 90 ball bingo games with different prizes, these bingo games all have the same format. As the numbers are called out, you mark them on your bingo cards. The goal is to get a full line marked on one of your cards as soon as possible and the first person to get one full line marked, wins the first prize. After the one line prize is awarded you play for the next super prize, which is for two full lines with the numbers marked out. Once the two line prize is awarded you then play for the big online bingo prize - the full house! This is when you mark off all the numbers on one of your bingo cards.

The Butler awards great prizes for one line, two lines and for a full house. The big prizes, however, are reserved for the progressive jackpots or PJP games, which are played every day. To win the PJPs you must get a full house within a certain amount of balls. If no one gets a full house within the required number of balls being called, then the PJP gets increased by a small amount and rolled over to the next super PJP game. Every few days the number of balls called, within which you must get a full house to win the PJP, is increased - which makes it easier to win!

So if you want to play online bingo on one of the best bingo sites, hunt down spectacular free bingo bonuses and you want to play bingo, 90 ball style, what are you waiting for? Join The Butler for some fun and win some super prizes playing his 90 ball bingo!

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