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75 Ball Bingo

In the USA, Canada and many European countries, 75 ball bingo is the most popular of all bingo games. Butlers Bingo offers 75 ball games for all its customers who like to play online bingo. This includes free bingo games with no deposit required, linked bingo games with lots of online bingo players and, of course, progressive jackpot bingo games where you can win big PJP prizes.

The goal of 75 ball online bingo is a bit different from 90 ball bingo. Instead of winning by marking off lines on your bingo cards, the goal is to mark off a shape. This shape is called at the start of the game and as the bingo numbers are called, you mark off the numbers on your card in an order that, hopefully, creates the shape which was called at the start of the game. Unlike 90 ball bingo, where there are three separate prizes, in 75 ball bingo there is only one prize which is awarded to the person who marks off the shape first! However, do not despair if you are not the winner of the big prize as The Butler has lots of other bingo bonuses to win and opportunities to take advantage of. You might win his super chat games and get BBzs galore! Or, in the next online bingo game, you might just be lucky enough to win his super PJP as, just like with 90 ball bingo, in 75 ball bingo you can win the big progressive jackpots if you "bingo" within a certain amount of balls called.

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